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Student Spotlights

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Marriott School of Business Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Mallory Moss interned for BYU's very own event coordinator for the Marriott School of Business, Nicole Kooistra. She loved the environment and the people whom she worked with.
Mac Strachan got to put his psychology and business skills to good use as an HR intern for PetSmart. He had an awesome learning experience and really appreciated the company's values.
Hadley Gordon had the opportunity to spend a summer in Washington DC as an intern in Senator Mike Lee’s office of the US Senate.
Eric Sosa had the awesome experience of being an accounting intern at PwC Accounting Firm. Read about his very worthwhile internship here!
Alyssa Smith had the opportunity to intern at Tanner Tax. She really put her number-crunching skills to work!
Austin Lahue worked with BYU to develop his skills in the global supply chain management industry. Click here to read more!
Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? It can lead to an opportunity like when ObservePoint reached out to Shane Ball to intern with their company.
Kathrine Jensen was used to working in teams as her professors tried to prepare her for the life of a tax auditor. Turns out, you can still have fun with your team while doing your job!
Sage Sutton is a Pre-Business student who interned for Southtowne Technologies. She had the opportunity to be their director of marketing!
Kaylee Jorgensen had a fun time out at Utah Lake as an Outreach Specialist for Utah Lake Commission. From dutch oven classes to paddleboarding-- what a great summer internship!