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Student Spotlights

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Family, Home, and Social Sciences Life Sciences McKay School of Education Physical and Mathematical Sciences Student Spotlights
Harriet interned for Immigrant Legal Services as a legal intern.
Mandy interned for BYU College of Engineering as a news writer during Spring/Summer 2022 Semester.
Aubrey interned at Southview Design during Spring/Summer 2022 Semester.
Leah interned for Jacksonville Zoo as a research and wellness intern during Spring/Summer 2022.
Kendall interned at PwC as an advance intern during Spring/Summer 2022 semester.
Brendan interned for Massachusetts General Hospital as a research assistant during Spring/Summer 2022 semester.
Brendon interned at Victoria Will during Spring/Summer 2022 semester.
Olivia interned at Esplin Weight as a Law Clerk during spring/summer 2022 semester.
Jared interned for Arentfox Schiff-DC during spring/summer 2022 semester.
Angela interned for FSY Conferences as a counselor during spring/summer 2022 semester.