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Training Meetings

Fall 2020 Training Meeting
A reflection workshop lead by Dr. John Bennion, English Associate Professor, and Trina Harding, English Internship Coordinator.

August 2020 CEL Career Directors and Internship Coordinators Forum
Our Career Service’s directors hosted a training for all of our internship coordinators. Presentations from Ben Drewry, Todd Russell, Beth Hiatt and Will Tenney.

Meeting Presentation
The training included:

  • How to use Handshake
  • Best way career directors can represent internship programs when engaging with employers 
  • Internship opportunity recruiting tips and best practices
  • Breakout sessions according to college

BYU Employer Handshake Tutorial
BYU Handshake Virtual Guide
Career Service Resources

June 2020 Internship Coordinator Sharing of Best Practices for Remote Internships Zoom Meeting
The Office of Experiential Learning's Adrienne Chamberlain hosted a discussion for all the internship coordinators to share what they have found to be helpful during this time of remote internships. Click on the links below for the recorded zoom meeting as well as the transcribed notes.

Zoom Meeting Recording
Password: 0n#34f8c
Zoom Meeting Notes

Winter 2020 Training Meeting
The Office of Experiential Learning invited Tyler Briggs, Career Director for Students with Disabilities & REACH Program to share the importance of internships for all students. He explained some of the legality behind working with Internship Providers and students. Sam Brown, Director of Office of International Student and Scholar Services presented the requirements and process for international students to intern off campus.

  • Invitation
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

Fall 2019 Training Meeting
The Academic Internship Office has combined with Careers and Experiential Learning.
Amber Robbins presented a Scholarship & Financial Aid announcement. Elsie Boyer, Program Manager, presented regarding: Office name change, Orientation of our new website (, Internship Report (Tableau), Experience Expanded: Student Video Contest, and the faculty Experiential Learning Summit 2019. Adrienne Chamberlain, Associate Director, discussed the Intention–Integration–Reflection framework and facilitated a group activity.

  • Invitation
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

Winter 2019 Training Meeting
Internship Coordinators had small table discussions about internship program challenges discovered in the last training meeting. Each table was invited to present at least two possible solutions for their tables assigned challenge discussion.

  • Invitation
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes
    • Internship Challenges and Successes

Fall 2018 Training Meeting
Internship Coordinators were invited to come prepared to share their internship program successes and challenges in a roundtable discussion.

  • Invitation
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

    Winter 2018 Training Meeting
    The following panel of internship coordinators presented their exemplary internship course syllabi.

    • Invitation
    • Agendas

    Wednesday, February 28th

    • Ms. Maren Kirwan, History and Family, History Internship Coordinatorsyllabus
    • Mr. Scott Dunaway, Assistant Dean of Family Home & Social Sciences and the Washington Seminar/Political Science internship coordinator syllabus
    • Dr. Elliott Wise, Art History assistant professor and internship coordinator syllabus

    Thursday, March 1st

    • Professor Lee Robinson, Communications Disorders professor and internship coordinator syllabus
    • Dr. Jason McDonald, Instructional Psychology & Technology associate professor and internship coordinator syllabus
    • Dr. Stephen Duncan, School of Family Life professor and internship coordinatorsyllabus available from Learning Suite

    Fall 2017 Training Meeting
    Elsie Boyer, with the Academic Internship Office, presented tips and tricks of using IRAMS.

    • Invitation
    • Agenda

    Winter 2017 Training Meeting
    Dr. Kristine Hansen, Director of the Academic Internship Office, and Ms. Shiloh Howland, Master’s Candidate in Instructional Psychology and Technology, presented results from the recent campus-wide formative evaluation of syllabi for internship courses and recommended ways to improve the design of internship courses.

    • Invitation
    • Agenda
    • PowerPoint Presentation
      • Internship course syllabus requirements

    Winter 2016 Training Meeting
    Mr. Sam Brown, Director of the International Student Services Office, and Dr. David Settle, Associate Director of the International Student Services Office, presented the requirements and process for international students to intern off campus and introduced new government rules and regulations.

    • Invitation
    • Agendas
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Curricular Practical Training Quick Reference Handout
    • Sam Brown's Presentation (video)
    • Dr. David Settle's Presentation (video)

    Fall 2015 Meeting
    Dr. Kristine Hansen moderated a panel of internship coordinators presenting their department's practices for the assessment of interns and internship providers. The panelists were Ali Davis (School of Communications), Stephanie Lutz (Health Science), and Barbara Smith (Special Education).

    • Invitation
    • Agenda
    • Meeting Notes
    • Special Education Interns PowerPoint Presentation

    Special Meeting - IRAMS Redesign May 2015
    Adrienne Chamberlain, Internship Office Program Director, presented regarding the redesign of the IRAMS (Internship Registration and Management System).

    • Invitation
    • IRAMS Instructions for Coordinators
      • PowerPoint Instructions for Students
      • PowerPoint Instructions for Students with Student Obligations (limited agreements)
    • IRAMS Instructions for Students

    Winter 2015 Meeting
    Adrienne Chamberlain, Internship Office Program Coordinator, presented regarding the information available on the Internship Office website (

    • Invitation
    • Agenda

    Fall 2014 Meeting
    Dr. Kristine Hansen, Internship Office Director, on the role and responsibilities of a Department Internship Coordinator.

    • Invitation
    • Agenda
    • PowerPoint Presentation

    Winter 2014 Meeting
    Mr. Stephen Craig, university legal counsel, and Mr. David Petersen, Managing Directorof the Risk Management Department on Internship Master Agreements and Liability Insurance Coverage.

    • Invitation
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Internship Policy
    • Risk Management
    • Meeting Notes

    Fall 2013 Meeting
    Gale Larsen, Academic Advisor & Internship Coordinator presented the Department of Life Sciences internship program.

    • Coordinator Training Meeting Invitation
    • PowerPoint Presentation

    Winter 2013 Meeting
    Mr. Dave Waddell, Assistant Dean of the College of Humanities facilitated a panel discussion on “Strategizing cross-disciplinary cooperation in Internship Development”. The panel members were the following: Dr. Dana Bourgerie (Chinese), Dr. Ralph Brown (Sociology), Professor Roger McCarty (Marriott School), Dr. Cinzia Noble (Italian), Dr. Gregg Warnick (College of Engineering & Technology).

    • Coordinator Training Meeting Invitation
    • Meeting Agenda

    Fall 2012 Meeting
    Professor Stephanie Fugal, Internship Coordinator of Health Science presented the Health Science internship program.

    • Invitation

    Winter 2012 Meeting
    The Internship Office presented the revised Internship Master Agreement Database and improvements to the Internship Registration & Management System (IRAMS).

    • Meeting Agenda
    • IHCHS Student Obligations Checklist
    • List of Agreements Deleted from IMAD
    • IRAMS Step-by-Step Instructions for Coordinators
    • IRAMS Step-by-Step Instructions for Students

    Fall 2011 Meeting
    Ms. Christi Maetani, International Student Advisor, presented on the requirements for Internships through the International Services Office.

    • Invitation
    • Meeting Notes
    • Curricular Practical Training Handout
    • International Student's Internship Process

    Intermountain HeaIthcare (IHCHS) Meeting {September 2, 2011}
    Ms. Tiffany Miles-Mills presented the Intermountain Healthcare requirements for BYU interns to intern at any of the IHC facilities.

    • Meeting Notes
    • Affiliation Agreement Requirements (Student Obligations)
    • Approved Departments
    • Intermountain Coordinator Contact List
    • Intermountain Drug Testing and Background Check Guidelines
    • Student Intern IHCHS Checklist
    • Student Orientation Booklet
    • Student Forms Packet for Student Rotation
    • Student Forms Packet for Extended Observational Experience
    • Student Research Process
    • Tuberculin Skin Testing Information

    Winter 2011 Meeting
    Ms. Debbie Kinjo, the domestic Internship Coordinator for International & Area Studies & Academic Advisor in the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies presented “Top Ten Intern Faux Pas’, Helping Interns Prepare for a Successful Internship Experience”.

    • Agenda and Handouts

    Fall 2010 Meeting
    Mr. Aaron Rose, International Internship Coordinator from the David O. Kennedy Center for International Studies presented the process for individual international internships and for International Study Programs.

    • Meeting Notes
    • International Internships Brochure
    • Proposal for an Individual Internship

    Winter 2010 Meeting
    Ms. Beverly Harmon, Internship Coordinator from the College of Engineering & Technology, presented proper business etiquette and workplace decorum for students.

    • The Blue Book