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Student Spotlights

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College of Nursing Health and Human Performance Life Sciences Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Malery participated in practicum by taking NURS 342.
Brittany participated Field Studies by taking PWS 494R.
Cami participated in practicum by taking NURS 292.
Nathan completed a Mentored Learning Experience by taking PWS 494R.
Erin Matthews experienced practicum through student teaching in MTHED 476.
Sarah participated in practicum for nursing at the University of Utah in NURS 352.
Amelia completed an internship with USU Extension as a Public Health Promotion Intern during the Spring 2021 semester. Here is what Amelia has to say about this experience:
Ashley Smith interned at Intermountain Healthcare as a Genetic Counseling Intern
Taylor completed an internship with Micro Focus as a QA Engineer Intern during Spring 2021. Here is what Taylor has to say about this experience:
Elizabeth completed an internship with United States Senator Mike Crapo as a Senate Intern during Summer 2021. Here is what Elizabeth has to say about her experience: