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Student Spotlights

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Fine Arts and Communications Health and Human Performance Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Harriet Norcross internship at Youth Refugee Coalition (YRC), a small, new non-profit organization, taught her some of the complexities of working in non-profit and gave her a list of marketable skills to take into the workforce.
Emily Allan was a corporate communications intern at NuSkin. Learn more about how Emily's attitude of 'Never say No' helped her in this fantastic internship!
Dominique Mossman worked with Doyle Partners, a small design firm based in New York. From working in a basement to exploring New York and seeing the signage she designed, learn more about her experience!
Anna Tanner had such a great time at Open Jar Studios, a company with rehearsal rooms near Times Square that gave Anna a little glimpse of Broadway.
Where did Rachel Keeler have the opportunity to interview a general authority, assist on a video interview with Olympic-trial qualifiers, speak with the director of EFY, and help in photography shoots? At her editorial internship at BYU Magazine!
Elyse Kasparian had the opportunity to intern at My Social Practice, a digital marketing company. Click here to read more about her time working with an amazing team!
Alison Dian Jepsen was an intern on the underwriting team at MotivHealth. Learn more about the unexpected skills that she developed.
Jacob Acquah is a Statistics major and had the opportunity to intern in the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. Listen to him explain how this experience helped him practice intentional seeking and skill building.
Joshua Ross had the unique opportunity of interning at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The Daily Universe published an article about his experience that can be found at the link below. Here Josh talks a little bit about what it took to get the internship, and what he learned about the value the consistent and focused effort.
Lauren Fullmer found that she was better suited to some harder tasks than her fellow interns and loved the opportunity to rise to occasion at her internship at Ryan James Fine Arts in Seattle.