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Student Spotlights

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Fine Arts and Communications Health and Human Performance
Ruby Neff spent time in Spain as a Public Relations Intern during the Winter 2020 semester. She learned that the world truly is her campus!
Hailey Zimmerman worked with BYU's Dining Designs to create some art for certain clients. With a great team and a fun job, a future career in design seems exciting!
Nathan Johnson sang and danced in his internship at in the role of Donal O’Flaherty in a production of The Pirate Queen at the Hale Centre Theatre.
Rachel Lauren Halversen was able to take on a variety of tasks in her internship at Pouch Marketing due to many of her writing courses in the School of Communications. Learn what courses were most helpful!
Hailey Genevieve Garcia was able to move from the front desk to assistant advisor because she took the initiative to shadow student appointments. Learn a little more about how this public relations major is taking a different path!
Being a writing tutor at the BYU Research & Writing Center might not be an obvious fit for an Art Education major but Gretchen Rieckenberg has found a lot of value and skills from her internship!
From digital design work to printed materials, Zoë Hart-Wagstaff got to do it all as a graphic design intern at Intuitive. Learn more about her glimpse into working as a designer on corporate level!
Do you have an interest in tracking popular new scripts, books, or short stories? Well Rollins Wimber does! At his internship with Lionsgate he was able to read the submitted scripts and pass along his recommendations to the executives.
Internships can be all about exploration! Sarah Collins, a news media major, decided to take an internship at a traditional public relations agency.
The Younique Foundation gave Rachel Bennion the opportunity to strategize and distribute resources to abused women. Learn more about her philanthropic efforts and how she was able to make an impact!