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Student Spotlights

Lyndie Jackson: Communications

Lyndie was a marketing assistant for the McKay School of Education during Fall 2023.

Briefly explain what you did and the result of your internship.

I worked with a team of student ambassadors to organize and carry out recruitment tasks. The results included higher numbers at recruitment events in over a year and hopefully helping people find the right major for them! I managed the team and assigned tasks to them while working with the PR team to boost social media engagement.

What did you learn on your internship that you were not expecting to learn?

I learned that working with your friends can be a blast, but you have to be able to communicate as coworkers as well. I had to manage the team of student ambassadors, who are my friends, but I also had to be able to take on a sort of supervising role and be able to talk to them as such. This was sometimes difficult but necessary.

How have your future plans changed because of what you learned from your internship experience?

I don’t think I thought so much about a team management role before. I really didn’t consider it to be an option, but now I feel like it is something that I would absolutely love to do.

Please share how your experience led to personal inspiration or insightful revelation.

I mentioned the idea of project management, but I also felt personal inspiration as a new mother working with a working mother. It was amazing to be able to learn from her and to be strengthened in my resolve to put my family first but also not give up on what I am learning in school.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely. I think that it is a great opportunity to learn and grow. I have been given so many chances to try new things in this role and to take initiative and learn from professionals. I would recommend this position to anyone.

Is there anything else you would like to say regarding your internship?

Just that I am so grateful for Sarah and all she teaches me and the patience she has had with me. I am grateful for the McKay School for helping me reach my potential and learn so much.

I have learned so much from my internship! It has been a chance to grow and receive support and mentoring from amazing people. I would do it over and over again.
Christmas party with the recruitment team! Featuring Sarah Rollo, Megan Brinton, Ashley Roberts, Kamora Shelton, Bethany Gold, Annie Wright, Lyndie Jackson