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Student Spotlights

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College of Health and Human Performance College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Student Spotlights
Benjamin Jenks had the opportunity during Spring 2020 to be a software development intern at Restaurant365. Read how he learned skills that are crucial to today's climate.
Simon Greathead received academic credit for his current role as an Associate Professor and helped develop new class courses.
Rachel Wadham worked on campus through the David O. McKay School of Education as a research assistant. Her major is Instructional Psychology and Technology which is a growing field. She developed professional skills through the completion of various projects including research and publications.
Faheem Ohri was fortunate enough to continue his internship in the midst of a growing pandemic. As a Social Work Intern, he felt accepted as part of the team and was as involved as a full-time employee.
Addison Garside, a Political Science major, interned with the Utah State Legislature during the Winter of 2020. Read more about her incredible experience here!
Julia Cook had the opportunity to intern for the Family History Guide Association. It is an online organization that works with every possible aspect of family history. Check out what she learned!
Daniel Friday Ekpo found an amazing internship opportunity while attending BYU's STEM Fair. He had the opportunity to be a software engineer intern at Motorola Solutions.
Lynette Randall had an incredible experience while interning at Oxbow Academy. As a Social Work student, she discovered new areas of expertise where she truly thrives.
Sydney and Hayden Anderson did the Spanish Cultural Ambassadors program through the Kennedy Center. They spent six months in Spain teaching English and learning invaluable lessons.
Ruby Neff spent time in Spain as a Public Relations Intern during the Winter 2020 semester. She learned that the world truly is her campus!