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Student Spotlights

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Family, Home, and Social Sciences Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Hannah completed a Practicum in Secondary Education by taking HIST 478.
Hallie completed a Practicum in Developmentally Appropriate Practices by taking SFL 222.
Carson practiced practicum by taking SFL 403R.
Kyle Svenson participated in practicum by doing research with Dr. Busby in SFL 403R.
Read about Erika's Practicum experience interning with Utah's State Prison.
Erin Matthews experienced practicum through student teaching in MTHED 476.
Amy Rich participated in student teacher practicum in HIST 478.
Kassidy participated in practicum by coding research in PSYCH 430R.
Madeline interned with FamilySearch as a CGO Office Intern during Spring 2021. Here is what Madeline has to say about her experience:
Meredith completed an internship with FamilySearch as a Latin America Research Team Member during Spring 2021. Here is what Meredith has to say about her experience: