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Internship Agreements & Forms

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Form Instruction/Questions

  • Forms Instructions/Questions

The university's legal counsel has designed the Internship Agreement to protect the university, student, and internship provider against any malpractice incidents or other issues that may endanger any party involved or lead to lawsuits. Please send Internship Agreements to the Office of Experiential Learning either through campus mail (5430 HBLL) or email ( as soon as you receive them. An Internship Agreement must be on file for every organization where a student is interning for credit.

  • Standard Internship Agreement

Limited Internship Agreements

A Limited Internship Agreement is a customized internship agreement with unique obligations of students and departments. An agreement may be limited for a variety of reasons including being specific to certain academic programs and departments or dependent on certain requirements of the students and departments. The forms listed below are standard Limited Internship Agreements.

  • Athletic Training Agreement
  • Congressional Internship Agreement
  • Federal Government Agreement

International Internship Agreements and Forms

For an Internship Provider located outside of the United States, please use the forms below.

Liability Insurance for BYU Interns

The university provides liability insurance for each student who participates in an internship to cover potential damage or harm caused by the student. The insurance covers up to $1,000,000.00 each claim, $3,000,000.00 Annual Aggregate. The liability insurance, however, is only in effect when both the internship provider and the university have signed the Internship Agreement and the student is enrolled in an internship course.

If you need to provide documentation of this to an internship provider you may provide this memorandum of insurance (memorandum of insurance letter).

Internship Provider Specific Forms

Before students are permitted to register for the internship course, some internship providers require that students sign specific documentation. Listed below are links to some Internship provider specific documents.

  • KSL Informed Consent

Evaluation Questionnaire Samples

  • Sample 1: Employer Evaluation of Intern
  • Sample 2: Employer Evaluation of Intern
  • Sample 3: Intern Self-Evaluation
  • Sample 4: Intern Evaluation of Internship

Deleted Internship Agreements

All agreements older than November 2003 have been deleted from the Internship Agreement Database. In addition, all agreements that were made on triplicate copies even after this date have been deleted because they were illegible. We have created a list of all deleted agreements for your reference. This list is organized alphabetically by the name of the internship provider. You may also search within the PDF by clicking ctrl+f (or cmd+f if using a mac). If an internship provider appears on this list, we will need to secure a new Internship Agreement with them. However, if the name of an internship provider does not appear on this list and also does not appear in the database, but you have record that we have had an Internship Agreement with them in the past, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning.

  • PDF of Deleted Agreements