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International Forms Instructions



Ideally, all paperwork will be completed and processed with the Department Internship Coordinator and Office of Experiential Learning prior to the student leaving for the internship. Due to the cultural and linguistical differences in working with International Internship Providers, the process may be delayed. However, every internship that involves international travel must have the appropriate university clearances. The Department Internship Coordinator is responsible for the completion of all of the following forms though the student may function as a facilitator.

International Internship Memorandum of Understanding

The International Internship Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding is to be filled out by the Internship Provider and signed on page two by an "Administrator or Responsible Officer." In most cases, the department or ISP will initiate this process. When the Internship Provider returns the agreement, it should be forwarded to the Internship Office for processing. The university only requires one agreement per Internship Provider. For a list of providers who are already approved, please check the Internship Agreement database. Both International Internship Providers and Domestic Internship Providers are listed on the same database. The International Internship Memorandum of Understanding is available in French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.


Once the International Internship Agreement (2 pgs) is sent to the Office of Experiential Learning for processing, the office will sign the agreement and enter the signed agreement information into the database, and return copies of the agreement to the department. (Note: If the provider is already listed on the website, the International Internship Agreement does not need to be signed again unless the internship provider would like to update its information on file.)