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2023 Experiential Learning Award Recipients

Congratulations to this year's Experiential Learning Award recipients!

Click here to see previous award recipients for 2021 and 2022.

Chris Crittenden

Marriot School of Business
Entrepreneurial Management

Heather Drew Francis

David O. McKay School of Education
Arts Education/CITES

Cally Johnson Flox

David O. McKay School of Education
Arts Education/CITES

Seth A. Jeppesen

College of Humanities
Comparative Arts and Letters

Tim Jenkins

College of Life Sciences
Cell Biology and Physiology

Kent D. Blad

College of Nursing

Curtis Anderson

J. Reuben Clark School of Law

Brian E. Anderson

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Physics and Astronomy

Cecilia M. Peek

David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies Comparative Arts and Letters

Kye Barnett

Student Development Services
Pre-professional Advisement

Kristen C. Betts

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
American Heritage

Aaron P. Schade

Religious Education
Ancient Scripture

Scott Haden Church

College of Fine Arts and Communications

Andrew J. South

College of Engineering
Civil & Construction Engineering