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2021 Experiential Learning Award Recipients

Experiential Learning Award Recipients

The Experiential Learning Award recognizes mentors for inspiring students
through co-curricular experiences that cultivate habits of life-long learning.

Charles Graham

“He has given me the courage to engage in challenging situations -- frustrations became learning experiences.”

“Dr. Graham taught that the best way to learn is through experience.”

“Dr. Graham's mentorship has instilled within me a love of life-long learning.”

Cammy Peterson

“The skills I have learned from her have transferred to many other areas of my life.”

“She gives us tools to figure out problems in the future where we may not necessarily have all of the resources.”

“Because of her, I am not only dedicated to life-long learning, but also to inspire the upcoming generation of engineers as she inspired me.”

Robert Snellman

“Dr. Robert spent time explaining how different concepts could be used in the real world. He helped us to understand how math can be used to accomplish amazing things.”

“I feel empowered and inspired to understand more mathematics going forward.”

“Dr. Robbie did a great job explaining the material, asked questions that helped me engage, provided real life examples, and cared about me!”

Wendy Sheffield

“Wendy took the time to connect our lessons to the gospel.”

“Professor Sheffield led our cohort to experiential learning that was just right for each of us.”

“Wendy has been an example of dedication and commitment to my learning and experience in an internship.”

Career Champion Award Recipients

The Career Champion Award is for the mentors who were exceptionally influential
in helping students to achieve a significant milestone on their career path.

Sarah Coyne

“Her research and career inspired me to see how I could make a positive impact in the lives of women and girls.”

“Dr. Coyne inspired me to find issues that I am passionate about and begin contributing to knowledge about them even as an undergraduate!”

“She has taught me about humility, leadership, and how to make an impactful change. I cannot imagine starting my career without these valuable traits that she possesses.”

Adam Durfee

“Adam preached radical candor, professionalism, real world application, and hustle. He gave me the opportunity to learn and hone marketable skills.”

“Now I have the skills, confidence, connections, and passion for learning that will help me land a job, and has cultivated a life-long passion.”

“Y Digital is run like a normal digital marketing agency. This hands-on approach, although it feels like a baptism by fire, is the ideal learning structure.”

Tracie Laham

“Tracie has made a large impact in my work ethic and provided me with valuable work experiences.”

“With her help and support, I secured an internship with a Fortune 500 company.”

“Tracie remembers your face, name, and story. She lives for other people.”

Brett Pickett

“He inspired me to continue trying, even when it seemed like I was making every mistake possible. He patiently explained what went wrong, and how to fix it.”

“He outlined a “map” to the career world and taught us how to navigate a career path.”

“Dr. P taught us things he wished he had known, such as attributes of patience and perseverance in pursuing a passion.”