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Internship Process

Internship Process

  1. Fulfill all academic pre-requisites for your major. If you don't know the pre-requisites for your major, contact your Department Internship Coordinator. (If you are an open major, contact the Exploratory Internship Coordinator)
  2. Secure an internship for yourself (this process is similar to obtaining a job: you must find, apply and receive an offer). Department Internship Coordinators may have a list of internship opportunities. Internship opportunities may also be found on BYU Handshake. Most students locate internships through their department's internship office or on their own by pursuing a course of action similar to that of a job search.
  3. Once you have secured an internship you are responsible for contacting your Department Internship Coordinator to receive approval to receive credit for your internship.
  4. The department internship coordinator will then lead you through the rest of the internship process: forms, registration, and applicable coursework. As you finish the internship, you may be required to complete an exit survey about the experience. To obtain credit, you must abide by the expectations outlined in your department's course syllabus. Additionally, you must enroll in the desired internship course before you may begin counting your internship hours towards the required internship course requirements.

How to Submit an Internship Application

Click this link to go to the Internship Application homepage. For step by step instructions on how to submit an internship application, click here.

What Happens After You Submit Your Application

The application will first go to your internship coordinator. Once they approve your application, it will go to our office. After it is approved from both your internship coordinator and our office, you will receive an email. If this is done before the add/drop deadline for the semester you may add your course right away. If it happens to be approved after the add/drop deadline the registration will add the course.