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Internship Agreement (IA)

Pen on top of a blank internship agreement (contract)
Internship Providers should send a copy of a signed Internship Agreement to or to BYU Experiential Learning at 5435 HBLL Provo, UT.

Standard IA Form

Click here to download a PDF of a blank internship agreement.

IAs & Forms

Other standard versions of the internship agreement specific to disciplines (congressional, athletic training, etc.) or standard international agreements in various languages.

Why does BYU have an Internship Agreement?

Brigham Young University has created the Internship Agreement because BYU carries liability insurance on each of our internship students. The insurance carrier requires Brigham Young University to have a written agreement in place to verify that the intern is covered under the plan. The insurance policy indemnifies the internship provider, Brigham Young University, and the student from any potential damages. If BYU does not have the agreement in place, the insurance carrier is likely to deny any claim filed. We hope that you will appreciate that this insurance coverage is a benefit to you (the internship provider) and Brigham Young University. Brigham Young University is often asked why many other schools do not require such an agreement. The reason is that many schools rely on some form of governmental immunity and so they do not carry similar liability insurance. Brigham Young University is a private institution and we believe it is prudent to carry insurance in order to protect ourselves and our interns.

Internship providers should contact a department internship coordinator and begin the dialogue with them to determine if there is a fit between their department internship curriculum and the internship positions you are offering.

Where do I send the Internship Agreement?

Once an internship provider has signed the InternshipAgreement, the agreement may be returned to the Office of Experiential Learning for BYU's signature through email or mail.

Address: BYU Experiential Learning 5435 HBLL Provo, UT 84602

If the internship provider's email is included on the agreement, a fully executed copy will be sent to the internship provider once the agreement has been entered in the the Internship Agreement (IA) Database.