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Student Spotlights

William Sutherland

William Sutherland PIC1.jpg
Refugee week for recent immigrants. I met the executive director while volunteering here, where she offered me the internship. I can't disclose the name of the patient due to the HIPPA laws.

Major: Microbiology
Minor: Global Business & Literacy
Semester/Term: Summer 2018,Spring 2018
Organization: The Share a Smile Foundation (Dental)
Position: Assistant Clinic Manager


Share a Smile is a program dedicated to providing the impoverished, homeless, and unemployed community with dental care. I have volunteered weekly with Share a Smile as a dental assistant since May 2017 and I was accepted as the intern for the Assistant Manager (Provo Clinic) for Spring-Summer 2018. My responsibilities include making and confirming appointments, data entry for patient records, supervising 4 volunteer dental assistants, inventory and ordering new materials, weekly coordination with the Executive Director, and recruitment of volunteer professionals. With many changes in clinic management, we are now improving the clinic by maintaining adequate inventory for each procedure, focusing on patients with outstanding treatment plans or who haven’t been seen in over 6 months, and strictly maintaining a safe, sterile environment. After working for a month as Assistant Manager, the Executive Director offered me the opportunity to take over as Manager, beginning Fall 2018. I expect to continue to improve the clinic, which I know will benefit me when I open my own dental practice.

What was the most useful thing you learned from your internship?

Accountability and time management skills. I have a weekly coordination meeting with the Executive Director who has high expectations. I am working as a Peer Mentor and Research Assistant, studying for the DAT, serving as the Executive Secretary in my ward, taking Spring classes, and making time to go on dates! I would not be able to keep my head above water without time management skills and someone to hold me accountable.

How did your courses and your major prepare you for your internship?

I haven't taken any business classes but I know those will be helpful. My anatomy class was very helpful for understanding dental procedures.

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

See what I put in question 7, but I will add communication to the list. I serve as a link between the volunteers and the Executive Director and the Clinic Manager, and I have to communicate with both sides regularly. I have to ensure that we are in line with what the Director expects.

Future Plans

Graduate School,Continue Internship

Rank your internship: 1 being terrible, 5 being AWESOME

Professional Advancement: 4

Applicability to Major and Courses: 3

Professional Skills Development: 5

Overall Rating of Internship: 4.5

Would you recommend this internship to other students? Why?

Yes. It was an excellent professional experience. I have heard that dental school does not focus on preparing students for running their own business, so this is an incredible opportunity to learn how it is done.

Is there anything else you would like to say regarding your internship?

I am here because I don't wait for opportunities to knock on my door! I knock on their door first

William Sutherland PIC2.jpg
The 2nd photo has other dental assistants present. This was taken before I was Assistant Manager, but still volunteering with Share A Smile