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  • Study Abroad is guided by a BYU professor in the field and offers lectures, study, and research on-site. Field trips to important locations of cultural and historical significance support the program's academic aims and bring to life theory and principles gained in the classroom.

    These trips are usually a semester long, filled with new adventures and experiences. This is an experience you will not want to miss. You get the opportunity to travel abroad, with other students, while learning school.
  • Study abroad offers numerous benefits. There are activities that you will be apart of that will leave you spiritually strengthened, intellectually enlarged, character built, and lifelong learning and service. Not to mention spending a whole semester in a different country experiencing a different culture, foods, people, and learning more about Christ's children.

    Study Abroad is a great way to receive credit while traveling and growing yourself.
  • You can go to the Kennedy Center and browse their options for study abroad and internships. They will include the destinations, the dates, what you are going to be doing there, the cost, and what else you will be doing there. There will be an application deadline you will have to send in your application by.

    Some study abroad programs are only available to certain majors, but there are also many where anyone can participate.
  • If you are worried about going abroad and missing out on time at school, you should have no worries. With each study abroad, they have unique classes for each program that they will be teaching over the course of the program!

    You will still be receiving credit and can choose to take more classes if you would like online.
  • The International Study Programs have a mission statement and that is: that ISP serves students by developing and implementing life-changing international academic experiences.

    Because it is through BYU, it must fulfill all of BYU mission statements. Which are

    1. They will be taught the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. -so even though you are far away from home and could be in country that has never heard much about the church, you will still be learning about Him. You will be His representatives around the world. You will be assigned to a ward to go to every Sunday to continue your religious education. 
    2. You will be receiving a broad education.- you will be required to take some classes, from different types of education, a little from everything
    3. You will be competing for the very best - if you are going out, you are going to learn, things that you would never have learned if you just stayed home. 
    4. Scholarly research will be encouraged.
  • The Kennedy Center has their own student spotlights and blog from the students you are more than welcome to read. This is a quote from a student who went to Europe, "The world is way bigger than our little bubbles." - Ivana Domingues
  • College of Humanities- ENGL 300R, FREN 345, GERM 345R