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Student Spotlights

Zoë: Graphic Design

From digital design work to printed materials, Zoë Hart-Wagstaff got to do it all as a graphic design intern at Intuitive. Learn more about her glimpse into working as a designer on corporate level!

What was your internship experience?

Throughout my internship I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from digital design work to printed materials. Each project allowed me to work closely and collaborate with marketing partners, project managers, other designers to come up with design solutions in a timely manner. For example, one project I received was to design an icon for a new shuttle system for the campus. This task required me to work with the stakeholder and project manager to know of any constraints and a final deadline for the project. Once those details were known I began sketching and researching transit icons that existed and possible solutions that would follow our visual brand language. After sketching and creating digital iterations, a final version was decided upon and the lockup was created. This design was then translated to signage for the buses and stops that would be used for the transit system throughout the Sunnyvale campus. It was awesome to see this process through from ideation to final asset. My internship allowed me to learn and grow as a designer and get a glimpse of design at a corporate level.

What was the most useful thing you learned from your internship?

The most useful thing I learned was that great design is not only created in a studio or agency setting–you can work for a large corporation and still create award winning design. Greatness is not found in one place, you can find it and create it wherever you are; it is more important to find something you are passionate about and create the greatness you hope to find. It aligns with the mission of BYU, to go forth and serve-we are to create so that we can better serve and help others, creating goodness to share.

I also learned how important it is to learn techniques and shortcuts with the Creative Suite so that you can work faster and more efficiently.

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

This internship helped refine my public speaking skills with monthly design studio meetings to report on what I, and the rest of the designers within the studio, was working on. I also was able to learn how to format large scale projects for printing and figuring out legal edits for claims and different type treatments for such edits. Yes, my design courses prepared me to be a better intern. I was able to sketch and thumbnail projects, create beautiful rag edges in typography, and use the design principles I have learned in class in my daily work. My first week I had the opportunity to meet with the Vice President of Design and he asked me to think about what I hoped to get out of my experience, what I would do with what I want out of it, and how I would learn from this experience. The chat we had set me up to think about how I would be intentional in my work, integrate what I knew and what I was learning, and then to reflect on how I can be better from the work I have done and where to go now with my greater knowledge from this experience.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Yes! The design team is amazing and is so willing and invested to help students learn and grow within the field. They want to help however they can. Also, Intuitive treats their interns so well with weekly intern activities including mix and mingles, lunch and learn sessions with members of the C Suite, and an end of the summer company presentation.

Zoë Hart-Wagstaff