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Student Spotlights

Thomas: Communication Studies

Thomas completed an internship with the BYU College of Nursing as a video creator. Here is what he has to say about this experience:

What day-to-day tasks were part of this experience?

I used different programs in the Adobe creative suite to create images, animate the images and edit the footage and sound together.

What would have better prepared you for this internship?

I feel if I had started a little earlier then I could have had more time to complete the projects. Overall though it was an enjoyable and beneficial experience

Was this experience a confirmation that you are going in the right direction, or is it a pivot to something else?

Confirmation. After being rejected from the Animation program, it was hard and felt I wasn't cut out to be creative and do animation anymore. But with the opportunity I had to create animated videos for BYU Nursing made me realize not to give up and continue to follow my passion for creative work.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

I would recommend! It was an enjoyable experience and I was grateful to have worked with great people, contribute to a good cause and expand my creative abilities and talents.