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Student Spotlights

Taylor: MMBio

Taylor Davis was a scribe at Emergency Physicians Integrated. If you've ever been in the ER, you would know that it can be a hectic place! Read more about his influential experience here.

What was your role during your internship?

As a medical scribe, it was my responsibility to complete the medical documentation for every patient that came into the emergency room. I followed the physicians and their mid-levels into each patient’s room to take notes on the history of present illness, review of systems, past medical history and physical examination.
My work was beneficial to the physicians because it gave them more time to focus on patient care and also prevented them from staying over their shifts to catch up on their patients’ medical charts.
Without this internship, he would not have had the clinical experience needed to get into medical school. He was able to speak with his interviewers at every school about his experience scribing in the ER.

What courses prepared you for this experience?

Anatomy prepared me to spell medical terminology and recognize medical terms extremely well. For example, the doctor might tell me that a patient’s “sternocleidomastoid” muscle was tender to palpation, and I would both know which muscle he was talking about and how to spell it correctly in my chart. Basic chemistry was also useful to know the chemical symbols for sodium, potassium, chloride, and other electrolytes. My Physiology of Drug Mechanisms course was the most useful. This class helped me recognize drug names and uses that helped me document the past medical histories of the patients in the Emergency Room.

Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis visiting a medical school campus. He attributes his acceptance into medical school to working in an ER for 2 years.

Taylor D
Taylor Davis smiling.