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Student Spotlights

Tanner: Law

Through his internship, Tanner Schenewark discovered that a career path at a large law firm is a path that he would like to follow as well as grow as a person in an international setting. Learn more about his internship here!

What was your internship experience? What were your tasks and what resulted?

I wrote an official client-facing memo detailing my research, drafting suggestions, and advice on a non-profit corporate restructuring. I also assisted with a corporate restructuring dealing with assets of more than half a billion dollars.

For the non-profit project, I researched whether it was better for a non-profit to dissolve one of its entities or to transfer that entity’s assets to the main organization. I researched how both processes would work and which one aligned with the client’s goals for its foundation. My memo was not just a reflection of that research, but also a document crafted to inform and persuade the client in a way that would help them make the right decision.

For the large corporate restructuring project, I researched how different state laws would affect that company’s application for certain tax exemptions. This project was made more interesting by the recent elections in Australia. The new ruling party in one of the states immediately did away with part of the law that granted our client an exemption. That meant that our team had to get its work done urgently so it could receive the exemption before the new law goes into effect on the first of next month. I also finished the project for the employment team that I had been working on the week prior, researching whether an individual had been illegally buying and selling second-hand gambling machines.

What was the most useful thing you learned from your internship?

This internship has taught me much more beyond purely legal skills. Namely, I have become a better, more confident networker. That has opened up countless doors and made this experience much richer. It has, however, made saying goodbye much harder.

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

Networking, legal research, legal analysis, legal document preparation, client management. My classes and professors gave me a confident foundation to approach new tasks and projects.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely! This experience helped me decide whether a career path at a large law firm is right for me (it is!) and helped me grow as a person in an international setting.

Tanner Schenewark (right)