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Student Spotlights

Simon: Business Management

Simon Greathead received academic credit for his current role as an Associate Professor and helped develop new class courses.

This was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on work I was planning to do, but made the whole experience much richer. The internship opportunity was part of my current role as an associate professor.

I developed, alongside two other faculty (Scott Webb & John Connolly) GSCM 305 and 310. They are introductory courses taken by every student who comes through the Marriott School. Both courses are some of the newest hybrid options available in the Marriott School and it is time to evaluate how they have been received.

I planned to go through a complete evaluation of GSCM 305 & GSCM 310. Evaluating student feedback over two complete semesters (1600 students), interviewing instructors, and course designers and then implementing the improvements recommended.

This was a self-regulated, self-paced internship so I anticipate work ethic being a key contributor to the success of this internship.
Written communication was a main-stay of the project as I seek to improve the reading and learning of the students.
I worked in Canvas, so the technology piece will be front and center. I hoped to continue to develop my ability in Canvas through this internship.
Much of the content is global in nature and helped myself and my students continue their appreciation for cultural difference and cultural fluency.
As with any evaluative efforts to improve a course, critical thinking and problem solving was central to my ability to pick the most relevant topics, and material to help the students have an optimal experience in these revised courses.

I really have a passion for observing and evaluating the learning process and the discipline I teach in. This internship really brought the two together nicely in a project for me.
I unexpectedly learned that the BYUOnline folks have ALOT of resources available to them and can improve the delivery of the material to my students.

Due to COVID, I had to adjust my work from hybrid to 100% online.
While my internship really was specific to me in my role, I certainly would recommend to others if the same context were to replicate itself.

Simon Greathead smiling.