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Student Spotlights

Samantha: Exercise Science

Samantha Thomas had the opportunity to work right here on campus as a health coach. She learned a lot about the "people" side of exercise science!

What was your internship experience?

At Y Be Fit, I had the opportunity to meet weekly with clients and help them develop healthier lifestyles. This involved setting and following up on their goals, providing support, and teaching them about a variety of health topics. I also performed body composition and fitness assessments for clients.
The most useful thing I learned from my internship was motivational interviewing. The idea behind motivational interviewing is allowing the client to reach their own conclusions and find their own solutions to problems by asking them questions and letting them talk. I feel like I am a better listener now because rather than talking at clients I have learned how to allow them to take the lead in changing their lives.

Samantha Thomas smiling in front of a field on BYU campus.
Samantha Thomas' staff photo from the Y Be Fit website.