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Student Spotlights

Ruby: Public Relations

Ruby Neff spent time in Spain as a Public Relations Intern during the Winter 2020 semester. She learned that the world truly is her campus!

Ruby Neff as a Public Relations Intern in Spain.

Last winter semester, I interned at Marco de Comunicación, a public relations agency in Madrid, Spain. I was ecstatic in the fall after finding and securing the internship on my own, and I was very grateful to BYU for helping me make it happen.

Like most things, my time in Spain was not what I imagined it to be. And for that I am grateful. Before arriving, my priorities were based on building a successful career. By the time I left, I switched my gaze to building a rich, connection-filled life with a career that adds to it. I learned this through observing my coworkers who find fulfillment in the multiple languages they speak more than the promotions they earn. I learned it through sitting next to families connecting over pastries in the neighborhood café after work and school. And I also learned this while comparing different everyday customs with my fellow ex-pat friends from Morocco, Venezuela, and the UK.

Having reflected on my experience for a year now, I am happy to say that my time in Spain truly did teach me that “the world is [my] campus,” and that taking advantage of the opportunities to explore it will enhance my life in ways I can’t expect.

Ruby Neff in Spain.