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Student Spotlights

Rachel: Journalism

Rachel Lauren Halversen was able to take on a variety of tasks in her internship at Pouch Marketing due to many of her writing courses in the School of Communications. Learn what courses were most helpful!

I primarily was charged with writing copy for a variety of clients in a variety of forms (landing pages, metadata, blog copy, etc). This required a bit of competitor research, searching for appropriate and relevant imagery, and providing backend information (such as H1/H2, Metadata, descriptions, title, image tags, word counts, keywords) in addition to the writing process.

I learned how to balance a lot of different tasks at once, which in turn gave me more responsibility and varied tasks. I also was able to hammer down my writing process (as it pertains to this sort of writing) which made me more efficient toward the end of my internship and able to take on longer tasks.

Several writing courses as well as a handful of COMMS electives were helpful. For instance, I ran a social media account for a time, so COMMS 314 was helpful. Anything and everything pertaining to COMMS 315/316 (the organic and paid marketing courses) were also cornerstones. Eventually, some of my beginning design classes (COMMS 313) proved helpful, as well as my research classes (COMMS 308). The professional skills that I developed were:

  • Communication skills,
  • professionalism,
  • time management,
  • integrity,
  • and organization.
Rachel Lauren Halversen