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Student Spotlights

Parker: Mechanical Engineering

Parker Bronson interned at Obeo Inc. and had a great experience utilizing his skills. Read about his "full-stack development experience" here!

How was your internship experience?

The internship overall was so beneficial to my career. I was able to learn so much about the Salesforce Platform, Continuous Integration and Delivery, and Agile methodology in action. I souped up my front-end skills while solidifying my back-end skills by doing the following tasks:

  1. I built regression tests mimicking end to end business processes to ensure reliability of newly deployed code.
  2. I built a data import tool to populate Salesforce with data when developers spin up new sandboxes for testing.
  3. I built various front-end add-ons to integrate with Youtube, Filestack, and Salesforce One.

Getting a taste of full stack development on such an incredible platform like Salesforce made the internship completely worth it. I felt valued and felt like a real asset.

What was the most useful thing you learned?

An emphasis on real-world value. I used to get stuck on things that I couldn't figure out. I would spend hours delving deeper and deeper. This can be an important skill; however, it can also waste a lot of time. My perspective changed from trying to get something trivial done at all costs to prioritizing my tasks to provide most ROI.

I also learned to take a step back and evaluate things from a larger perspective. It's easy to go with the first idea that comes to your head. You might spend hours on that solution only to realize it wasn't the best way. There's a satirical saying that I got to see in action, "Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning."

I learned to work in a team... to utilize strengths of others. I learned to ask questions and learn from others. I learned to express myself honestly to resolve conflicts. Team projects in my CS340 class really helped a lot. Large scale projects helped me to see real-world problems better, by stepping back and turning a big problem into many little ones.

Would you recommend this experience?

Absolutely. I got a full-stack dev experience.

Parker Bronson and fellow co-workers at Obeo, Inc.