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Student Spotlights

Nicole: Information Systems

Nicole Tucker was a software developer for American Express in The Big Apple! Read more about her experience and what she learned during this internship.

What was your internship experience?

I moved to New York City last week to be a software developer for American Express. I’m living here on my own while my husband is living in Virginia for his internship. Today was my first day or orientation but AmEx has a great culture! I’m excited to get working on my project for the summer in full stack web programming!

What did you learn? I gained new and very hard

skills (new programming languages), leadership qualities, and professional development.
I also learned how collaboration works in a team, and I ained invaluable real-world application skills of knowledge and things that I gained through course work at BYU. Networking and relationships were other opportunities afforded to me during this experience. It truly was an amazing place to live for a summer and amazing company culture and great pay! (They give a living stipend to help with NYC expenses)

nicole tucker 2.jpeg
The center building is World Trade Center one building. The building on the left is the AmEx tower, that’s where I work. My desk has a view of the World Trade Center memorials.
nicole tucker.jpeg