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Student Spotlights

Nicolas: Finance

Nicolas Jeppesen interned for IBM, a major financing company. This isn't an easy feat! Read more about his experience working as an intern but being given responsibility as if he were already an employee.

What was your internship experience?

I was a financial analyst co-op. My internship lasted for 7 months. I was equal to a new hire in terms of my work. I performed monthly reporting for 4 contracts with an average value of $16M in backlog. I was in charge of managing the cost and revenue for my contracts and processing the necessary accounting journal entries to maintain its financial health.I was able to learn how to pitch a financial portfolio in a corporate finance environment. This experience taught me what a large company cares about in their financial reporting.I was familiar with the basics of accounting and was able to understand the business terminology that I experienced daily. I was also semi-familiar with the coding that was required for my job. Coding, Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting, Accounting Acumen.

Nicolas Jeppesen's headshot.
Nicolas Jeppesen outside of his internship office, IBM.