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Student Spotlights

Matthew McFadgen: Finance

Matthew was an acquisitions & development intern for Coldwater Capital during Fall 2023.

Briefly explain what you did and the result of your internship.

I have been employed as a development manager and work closely with Coldwater’s Managing Partners on real estate developments and investments in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Utah, and California. I primarily oversee developments in Coldwater’s Maryland portfolio, consisting of three express tunnel car washes. I also work on deal sourcing, competitor analysis, market analysis, drafting memos, financial modeling, data analysis, and oversight of due diligence processes.

What did you learn on your internship that you were not expecting to learn?

I learned about the importance of having soft skills like proactivity, work ethic, and initiative. These skills are vital to day-to-day performance and success. Technical skills can be learned, but these skills are real difference makers over time.

How have your future plans changed because of what you learned from your internship experience?

Yes, I became more confident in my desire to pursue real estate investments.

Please share how your experience led to personal inspiration or insightful revelation.

I feel like I was blessed with my internship. It was a gift to me that allowed me to learn and become confident in what my career aspirations should be.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

I liked working on a smaller team. It gave me the opportunity to work closely with managing partners, take on various tasks, and get out of my comfort zone.