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Student Spotlights

Matheus Araujo de Medeiros: Economics

Matheus was a controllers summer analyst for Goldman Sachs during Summer Term 2023.

Briefly explain what you did and the result of your internship.

I worked with the credit valuation adjustment team, analyzing daily profits and loss generated by traders transactions. The results were used as data to advise the traders on market oscillations and changes in the Economic Scenario.

What did you learn on your internship that you were not expecting to learn?

I was not expecting to develop so many people skills, especially because the firm is in the financial industry, which I used to hear follows a very busy and fast-paced workload. However, I was able to take much time to network and build strong relationships. The Human Capital Management division makes sure you will be able to learn what your team does on a daily basis, to network with the most people across the firm, and to develop as many new skills as possible.

How have your future plans changed because of what you learned from your internship experience?

I decided to go back to the company and take the full-time offer to gain more experience in that industry.

Please share how your experience led to personal inspiration or insightful revelation.

At Goldman, you need to deal with a very sensitive kind of work, while you interact with people from different cultures and places. Most of the people are able to handle the work, but in order to succeed and become able to stand out, you need the guidance of the Spirit. Many times, I was able to go back in some of my tasks and double check small details. By inspiration, I was able to put my eyes exactly where the error was, and be inspired enough to find a solution for the issue in a short amount of time. It is easy to get desperate when you are an intern and make a mistake, but with the help and guidance of the Spirit you will be able to find a good solution and stay calm and resilient.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely. I left the internship with more maturity to deal with real-world situations. Goldman is a great place to develop soft and hard skills.

Is there anything else you would like to say regarding your internship?

For those able to get this internship, make the best use of your time while you are in the office. Talk to the people, hear from them and have an enjoyable time.

The picture shows myself in the last week of the internship explaining to the audience my portion of the internship project.