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Student Spotlights

Mallory: Event Coordinator

Mallory Moss interned for BYU's very own event coordinator for the Marriott School of Business, Nicole Kooistra. She loved the environment and the people whom she worked with.

What was your internship experience?

I interned for Nicole Kooistra, the event coordinator for the BYU Marriott School of Business. My tasks included planning and executing events for the college faculty and staff as well as for the National Advisory Council. I had the opportunity to have my hands on the event from the beginning planning stages all the way through the closing up of the event. I worked with budgets and organized different vendors and created registration websites and surveys. This internship taught me a lot of new skills and also helped me to refine some of the skill-set that I started with.

What were some things you learned from this experience?

I learned how to delegate, which has helped me to find greater success in planning and executing events. I was always too afraid to delegate because I wanted things to go perfect and if something went wrong, I could take accountability for it. But with learning how to delegate assignments out, I experienced less stress and the whole process moved more smoothly. I also learned how to delegate according to strengths, so I was able to learn about my coworkers more and see them in environment that they succeed in.

I definitely learned how to network with others and the way to approach that. I also learned how to conduct meetings and be accountable to those that I am working with and for. My courses were able to prepare me in teaching me how to have a business mindset. I definitely was able to find application for my experience design classes, but I realized how important all the pre-requisite classes were as well.
I'm grateful that I had those classes to teach me the basics instead of going in with no accounting, finance, or marketing knowledge. I was able to integrate my course knowledge into my internship experience and see how it works in the real world. For example, I was able to use the design thinking process, a process we studied a lot during the junior core, on a regular basis during my internship. Having that knowledge to start with was beneficial and I had already practiced it in class so I was able to integrate my learning there to my work in the deans office.

Would you recommend this internship experience to other students?

Yes! The deans office is such a good place to work! The environment is wonderful and the people are incredible and so helpful. They are focused on the success of the students and any of them, even if they aren't my direct boss, was so willing to help me with anything that I needed. It was also a really neat opportunity to work so closely with the deans and to get to know them.

Mallory Moss with Nicole Kooistra, the Marriott School of Business' Event Coordinator.
Mallory Moss smiling in front of an event she helped to plan and set up.