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Student Spotlights

Madison: IT

Madison Robertson had the opportunity to intern at Adobe and help the networking team automate the aggregation of data. If you aren't sure what that means, read here to get a closer look into her awesome experience!

What was your internship experience?

Interning at Adobe was a great experience. On the Network Engineering team I automated tasks that were often time consuming for the Network Engineers and automated the aggregation of data for my manager so he could make better management decisions in the business. I also spent a great deal of time working with the security team to help meet compliance standards necessary for customer relations and trust in the business.

What is something that you are proud of?

I was able to accomplish most of what I set out to do. I did not get to some projects, but I was able to complete a lot of what my manager had wanted. Some of the greatest praise came from building a tool and then seeing my co-workers use it on a daily basis. I learned not to be afraid of asking questions.

What was something you learned during this experience?

At the beginning of my internship, I didn't ask a lot of questions. I assumed that everything I didn't know was from my lack of ability and knowledge, so I tried to "brute force" my way, Googling everything I could and not getting far. As soon as I began asking my co-workers and assigned mentor clarifying questions about what I was working on, why it was a problem and how they would start the project I was assigned, my performance accelerated dramatically. When I didn't ask questions and I didn't know what to do or how to do it, I felt frustrated, inadequate and I hated going to work. However, once I knew what I was doing and saw a clear path on how I could accomplish the goal, I loved coming into work, I felt confident and it was almost easy getting things done.

There is a lot to be said for trying to do things on your own and figuring things out by yourself, and I believe that did help me learn faster than I would have by not trying new things. If I could go back though, I would tell myself to consider asking a co-worker a question before asking Google.The courses I've taken equipped me with the basic principles I needed in order to know what my co-workers were talking about and how to apply our goals to simple processes. In addition, working through hard labs and homework problems ingrained in me a confidence that I can do hard things, as well as the ability to critically think through what I am doing, why I am doing it and how it needs to be done. I learned how to connect with people on a professional level. Not all of your co-workers have to be your best friend and it might be weird if they were. My internship helped me develop that ability. In addition, I learned how to work with collaboration platforms like JIRA.

As part of the Summer part of my internship, Adobe flew all of the interns to their headquarters in San Jose. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun meeting new people. The first photo I submitted is a professional photo, the second is a picture of me in the "Create" upside-down room they have in the San Jose office.

Madison Robertson smiling for her professional photo.
Madison Robertson in the "Create" upside-down room they have in the San Jose office.