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Student Spotlights

Madeline: Public Relations

Sit down, grab your chips, and learn more about Madeline Giles Summer 2019 internship with Ketchum working on the Frito Lay account.

What was your internship?

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be a summer intern at Ketchum in New York City. I was chosen to work in the snacks and beverage department. Because Ketchum is a PR agency I was able to work with multiple clients. I mainly worked on the Frito Lay account. This included daily media monitoring, tracking coverage, sending client updates/emails as well as putting together mailers for the press and/or talent. In return I received amazing hands on experience in the PR field and learned from many of the creative minds surrounding me. I even got to deliver Anthony Davis's custom Ruffles Ridge Top sneakers for a Yahoo! Finance bit after he signed his Ruffles partnership.

What are your future plans?

I have one year left of school then I hope to work full time at Ketchum or another agency in New York City.

What was the most useful thing you learned from your internship?

I was able to learn more fully about what public relations is. Even though it is my major, working in an agency and seeing our clients get coverage was such useful experience.

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

One skill in particular I was happy to develop and will continue to develop is the importance of following up and being accountable for your work. In the agency there were multiple tasks with hard deadlines. I needed to stay on top of it and communicate with the team throughout the process and on email chains. My courses definitely prepared me for my internship especially PR writing, social media and research. Also the Matrix of course came in handy during our final intern project. At the start of this internship we met with our supervisors and talked about goals. Throughout it different projects would tailor to these goals. In the end we had a follow up.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Yes 100%. Ketchum cares about all of their employees and especially their interns. Here I had a mentor that I would meet with regularly. Every week we had training surrounding pitching, event planning, working with influencers, etc. That alone proved to me that they truly wanted us to learn.

Madeline Giles
Madeline Giles with other interns