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Student Spotlights

Lynette: Clinical Therapy

Lynette Randall had an incredible experience while interning at Oxbow Academy. As a Social Work student, she discovered new areas of expertise where she truly thrives.

I completed an MSW Internship during Summer Block at Oxbow Academy. I was connected to this internship through the MSW Program
During this internship, I expected to work on the 9 social work core competencies. I have loved working at Oxbow! It has exceeded my expectations and I have grown and developed so much.

I unexpectedly learned that I really thrive in sex specific treatment and that I am very much able to handle working with severe trauma. This internship has been an exceptional experience for me and has helped confirm that I am interested in clinical care and that I am passionate about this work. At Oxbow, I was lucky enough to participate in an imprinting session during equine therapy. Oxbow boasts one of the best equine therapy programs in the country; it has been curated over 20 years and has developed into a sex specific equine program. It is incredible. Imprinting happens once every other year when the mares at Oxbow have babies and the boys are able to help with imprinting and socializing the foals to human touch. This helps facilitate conversations about attachment, consent, safe touch and authenticity.

Due to COVID, I had to start two months late and forgo some time with my clients.
Despite this interruption, I would recommend this experience to anyone. This internship involves so many different modalities and has wonderful supervision.

Lynette Randall on her first day working at Oxbow Academy.