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Student Spotlights

Linda: EdLF

For those who are wondering, EdLF stands for Educational Leadership and Foundations. Linda Chadburn spent time supervising summer school in the Alpine School District while pursuing her Master's Degree. Read about Linda's success with summer school here!

What was your internship experience?

I supervised the high school summer school experience for students from half of Alpine School District. I provided direct supervision of students, coordination of teachers and technology, communication with parents, and I managed a significant amount of data for a variety of reports. Our summer school experience was very successful with over 90% of credits attempted being earned.

What was the most useful thing you learned during this experience?

I learned many great tips about how to manage a secondary school because I was there during a significant transition in leadership. I had the opportunity to interact with 7 different administrators.

I refined data mining and presentation skills, management of concerns between teachers and students, and tips on overall professionalism and navigation of the world of secondary education. This internship actually came very early in my program, so I had only had two courses and was taking a third during the internship. The curriculum class prepared me to observe the content as well as the methods that various teachers used. The human resources class gave me a broader view of working with the teachers and administrators and the intricacies of handling personnel issues with the employees.

This internship gave me a variety of valuable experiences in my field and provided opportunities for a considerable amount of networking with colleagues and leadership.

Linda Chadburn