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Student Spotlights

Leela: Athletic Training

Leela Rowley had the chance to help student athletes at Maple Mountain High School stay healthy and strong in order to perform at maximum capacity during their all-star season.

What was your internship experience?

I had the opportunity to intern at Maple Mountain high school as an athletic training student. I attended all the contact sport games(football, soccer, wrestling, basketball) and worked with the full time athletic trainer in first aid, emergency care, and injury assessment. I also had the chance to work with all athletes in a clinic setting, before and after practices doing injury evaluation, taping/bracing for injury prevention, and rehab for athletes with current and previous injuries or surgeries. I was able to learn how to work with athletes, coaches, and administrators. I was able to work with many different athletes in various sports; which has allowed me to become more confident and practiced as I continue forward in my athletic training degree.

What courses at BYU helped prepare you for this role?

I have taken classes in taping, upper and lower extremity injury evaluations, modality use, rehabilitation practices, first aid, as well as numerous anatomy and physiology courses. All of these classes helped me to have a base understanding and familiarity with the human body, how it functions, how it can be injured, and how it can be treated.

Leela Rowley
Leela Rowley helping to assist an athlete off the field who has a sprained ankle, the head football coach is assisting, and the head athletic trainer Krista Prusak is all the way to the right directing them.

Leela Rowley 2
Leela Rowley assisting a player on the sidelines who sprained his wrist.