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Student Spotlights

Katie: Public Health

Katie Angerhofer had the opportunity to intern at South Franklin Community Center. She had such a fulfilling experience as she developed meaningful relationships with community members!

What was your internship experience?

I worked with United Way’s South Franklin Community Center located in South Provo Boulders Community. This center was built in 2011 as a place for community members to gather socially and also to learn new skills to improve their lives. South Franklin Community Center serves the boulders community and surrounding neighborhoods which are lower socioeconomically and typically qualify for economically disadvantaged school programs. Various programs are offered to improve the quality of living for community members including private music lessons, computer, health and food sense classes. Monthly community cafes offer a safe environment for people to connect and strengthen community bonds.
My time with South Franklin was very fulfilling and meaningful as I have grown close to community members.

What helped prepare you most for this experience?

In preparation for my internship at South Franklin Community Center two courses prepared me very well for the work that I would do: program planning and evaluation methods. Program planning taught me the concept of tailoring programs to the needs of the target population. It also taught me the skill of planning ahead all of the details before a program begins. Program planning taught me the concept of preplanning, planning, and executing and working through each level of planning to maximize efficiency. I also learned the concept of root causes from program planning. Looking at the root cause of a problem has proved helpful in my time at South Franklin as there are many universal issues found in the community, but the root causes are the focus of many programs.
I also learned these skills in my evaluation method class with a more in-depth look at how programs affect the participants through evaluation before and after a program. I also learned the concept of connecting with people through digital media and stories from my health communications class. This was very useful for me because we connected with lots of community members over Facebook and disseminated program information through reminder posts.

Katie Angerhofer
Katie doing crafts with the children in this community.