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Student Spotlights

Julia: Geography

Julia Cook had the opportunity to intern for the Family History Guide Association. It is an online organization that works with every possible aspect of family history. Check out what she learned!

What was your experience? What did you learn?

I was able to do a remote internship for the Family History Guide Association during my last couple months of Winter semester. This was an incredible opportunity to learn more about family history and to see a grassroots organization grow into something huge. They are as reputable and noteworthy as Ancestry or FamilySearch!
The organization was started by "The Bobs": Bob Ives and Bob Taylor, who are incredible people to work for! The team meeting with them was fun and very informative as to the marketing, website design, outreach, and training aspect that any small company goes through. I was laughing way more than I expected!

Something that I learned from this experience was how to bring my skillset to the table even though I was only an intern. Bob Taylor really provided me the space to reach out for feedback, ask questions, and make my on suggestions. He was quick to respond to my emails and made for a great supervisor : intern relationship. Despite my being a geography major, I learned how to apply my global studies emphasis to researching international guides and databases for genealogy researchers. They had mentioned that it was a surprise that a non-Family History student at BYU applied to be their intern but the FHG team welcomed me on board like family!

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to be a part of the management team. In fact, as I was doing this internship, I interviewed with Ancestry and talked a lot about my experience and tasks with the Family History Guide. I ended up being offered the job at Ancestry's Headquarters in Lehi!

Julia Cook wearing her family history shirt: “American Grown Scottish Roots”.