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Student Spotlights

Joseph: Global Women's Studies

Joseph Fitzgerald is studying psychology and German while being granted the opportunity to intern at the Global Women's Studies annual conference. Read more about the incredible women he learned from.

I was one of the fall interns for the Global Women's Studies Annual Fall Conference. This year, it was focused on women's suffrage in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment in the US. I was responsible for helping design the publicity flyer, and I also worked closely with the out of state speakers in their travel and lodging plans. Because of my work, publicity for this conference was an all time high, and we were able to get many more people than we usually would to attend the conference. There were no problems with the travel arrangements, and everyone made it where they were supposed to. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

I learned how much behind the scenes planning there is to an event and just how much value can be gained from conferences. They are very important for raising awareness and involvement.I know a lot about women's studies, and I was able to apply that in helping prepare this conference. My background knowledge in women's suffrage helped me create publicity flyers that connected well with suffrage and made the conference a unified theme.

These are the conference organizers at the end of the successful conference (Sam Johnston, Jessica Hansen, Connie Lamb, Joseph Fitzgerald, and Valerie Hegstrom)

Sam Johnston, Jessica Hansen, Connie Lamb, Joseph Fitzgerald, and Valerie Hegstrom.