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Student Spotlights

JoAnne: Medical Laboratory Science

JoAnne completed an internship with Utah Valley Hospital as a med tech. Here is what she has to say about this experience:

How did your internship align with your initial expectations?

I expected to get some hands-on experience, but I didn't expect too much since I would be at a hospital handling patient samples and information. I wouldn't expect the employees to trust so much to interns. However, I actually got to do a lot more than I was hoping for.

What day-to-day tasks were part of this experience?

I learned how to use various hospital instruments, phlebotomy, and became familiar with the work flow and computer systems associated with working in the lab.

What would have better prepared you for this internship?

In terms of my education, I felt well prepared. I guess I just wish I knew more of the details about the internship sooner than I did (where I'd be going, when I had to be there, the fact that it was unpaid, I had to be there 6 hours per day, I would likely be spending different rotations at different hospitals, etc.) It all felt very rushed when it actually happened.

Was this experience a confirmation that you are going in the right direction, or is it a pivot to something else?

Confirmation. When I was doing my microbiology rotation, I felt so excited. I was not only looking forward to it, but also felt like I had retained so much information from my classes. I loved seeing how applicable all the information actually was. I also really enjoyed performing all the lab tests associated with microbiology, because it made me feel like a valuable future employee. The internship really helped me understand what I can contribute to society in the future. The internship helped me realize that the things I had been learning in class weren't just for the purpose of taking tests, but had real value and meaning in the workplace. It was exciting to see just some of the possibilities I could be doing one day! Also, being with other, more experienced, workers gave me hope that this is something I could want to do for my whole life.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Yes! If you are thinking of working in any capacity in the health field, I think the lab experience is beyond valuable.