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Student Spotlights

Isabella: Linguistics

Isabella Favero played a crucial part in changing lives at the Provo Adult Education center. Check out her awesome students and her story here!

What was your internship experience?

For my internship, I co-taught two classes at Provo Adult Education, one class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-9 and another Tuesday, Thursday 10-12. I mostly focused on pronunciation and grammar, but I was also able teach listening and speaking.
I helped the students with in-class assignments. I also helped create and execute our final class project of written stories from each member of the class. For pronunciation, I planned lessons for the class and I evaluated each student at the beginning of the semester to determine what to focus on. I taught at least once a week from the chapter we were working on in the book.
Sometimes I taught vocabulary; I often taught grammar, and I facilitated listening and speaking activities. I created games for the class to participate in and I graded tests and assignments.

What was the most important thing you learned during this experience?

Teaching English is about the people. Each person needs to be approached differently in order to most effectively help them learn. These students really wanted to learn English. No one was forcing them to come. They came because they wanted to be better at the language and they were driven to work hard.

I learned that I can play a big role in helping to motivate students to come to class and learn as much as they can.The speaking and listening class helped me to know what to expect from the experience and what we would teach. I think the most helpful was the lesson planning class. I planned lessons every week, sometimes multiple times and that course helped me so much to know how to focus on the goals and objectives I had set. My major classes helped to prepare me to know how to teach and to assure me that I had the knowledge to help students with pronunciation and their language use in general.

I developed time management, better communication skills, team work skills, resourcefulness, flexibility, creating relationships with my colleagues and also knowing what type of relationship is appropriate between my manager, my students, my co-teacher, and myself.

Isabella Favero's class. From left to right, top to bottom: Maria, Hugo, Lina, Mei, Rosemary, Fredy, Julio, Junior, Efren, Jordan, Carla, Isabella, Anu, Ani, Nora.