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Student Spotlights

Isaac: Construction & Facilities Mgmt

Isaac Faldmo not only got to work with one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world, but he learned the value of networking while being an intern for Cushman & Wakefield.

What was your internship experience?

My internship experience was with Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world. They provide both brokerage and global occupier services such as facilities and project management. I had the opportunity to be with their account at Google in the Bay Area. It is one of Cushman & Wakefield's biggest accounts and covers about 15 million square feet. What impressed me the most from my internship was the amount of trust I was given. I was able to work on projects in both Facilities Management and Strategy & Analytics. They involved creating and executing trainings and creating data and analyzing the effect on the account.

What was the most useful thing you learned and how were you prepared for this experience?

The most useful thing I learned from my internship was learning how big institutions work and the flow of the hierarchical structure of them. Some technical skills I learned were coding in SQL and how to create dashboards.
My courses helped me understand the topics that were being talked about right away when I arrived for the internship.
Networking is one of the skills that I was able to develop the most during this internship. We not only were taught the best ways to network, but we were surrounded by important and smart leaders in the company that we could learn from and build relationships with.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely. This experience gave me an opportunity to see every different part of the industry and learn and develop new skills that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. It feels like a start-up even though it's an established, big corporation.
This internship really had it all. I gained skills and experience not only for my specific major but for anywhere I end up throughout my career. Yes it technically was a facilities management internship, but while here, I learned about business ops, data, strategy, and capital planning as well.

Isaac Faldmo (far right) sitting with other interns.
Isaac Faldmo on site for his internship.