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Student Spotlights

Hailey: Public Relations

Hailey Genevieve Garcia was able to move from the front desk to assistant advisor because she took the initiative to shadow student appointments. Learn a little more about how this public relations major is taking a different path!

I shadowed student appointments and learned methods to help students choose a major, choose classes, and give overall advice about the university. I also worked on some posters with another design intern for the office. I ended up getting a job as an assistant advisor once I finished the internship. It gave me a huge headstart in interviewing for the advisor position, having seen what the advising methods were. I worked in the office for two years at the front desk, but this internship is probably what put me ahead other interviewees for the position. It wasn't related to my major. I developed a better understanding of the methods and processes of advising so that I could recreate them in my own appointments with students.

Hailey Genevieve Garcia