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Student Spotlights

Hailey: Design

Hailey Zimmerman worked with BYU's Dining Designs to create some art for certain clients. With a great team and a fun job, a future career in design seems exciting!

At BYU's Dining Designs, I worked as a graphic designer and was able to create both digital and printed materials for all dining. locations on campus. I also was involved in the creation of BYU's Milk & Cookies and Choices restaurants.

In addition to that, I was in charge to the complete rebrand of BYU's Cougar Express dining location. I would have to say that the most useful thing I learned at my internship was how to collaborate in teams and communicate ideas effectively from designer to client. Each day at my internship, I had the opportunity to consult with managers over dining locations and work out what their ideas were when it came to marketing and design and how I could make their ideas realities. I felt that my courses and major requirements built the foundation for the experience I had in my internship.

When I started my internship, I did feel a little under qualified but quickly learned how to apply my skills and then felt very comfortable accomplishing my tasks from day to day, while still remaining challenged and pushed in my development.

I learned communication, teamwork, organization, how to use time wisely, more experience in using software programs, and camaraderie.

Hailey Zimmerman (center) and design team.

This lovely little number represents the friendship and connections I had with my coworkers. I really loved the people I worked with when I worked there.

Hailey Zimmerman and her team in the BYU Dining services.