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Student Spotlights

Gretchen: PE Teacher & Coach

Gretchen Ormsby interned with Mountain View High School's girls basketball team. If this photo doesn't say "success" then I don't know what does!

For my internship, I had the opportunity to work with the Mountain View High School girls basketball team. During my time here, I attended practice and games. At practice, I helped run drills, participated in the drills, and coached the girls one-on-one and whole team settings. For games, I sat on the bench for the JV and Varsity teams. There were times where I kept stats and other times where I simply helped coach the girls. During my internship, I learned the value of communication. These girls are being subbed in and out of practice and games with no feedback on what they did well and what they did wrong. I was able to help these girls identify ways to improve! The communication brought about more unity between the team. Before my internship, I took a class that had me create a one-year practice plan. Doing so helped me create drills and ideas to use in practice. I was able to suggest ideas from this plan. During my internship, I learned how to communicate with other faculty members, coaches, players, and parents. Not only that, but I learned how to "discipline" the girls. Lastly, I learned the motivation that the athletes need to push through the whole season.

I am actually cut out of this picture, but this is what it's like to celebrate as a unified and successful team!

On the bench: Coach Megan, Coach White, Coach Jess, Anna, Abby, Bella, Josie, Aaliyah, Emmy, Skylar, and Taleah (Gretchen Ormsby not pictured).