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Student Spotlights

Faheem: Social Work

Faheem Ohri was fortunate enough to continue his internship in the midst of a growing pandemic. As a Social Work Intern, he felt accepted as part of the team and was as involved as a full-time employee.

As a Social Work student, I found my internship through agencies field seminar conducted by BYU. This experience allowed me to work on Social Work core competencies and become more competent.
I was not expecting to do group therapy independently and I was not expecting to co-ordinate
and communicate with patient's families and liaisons from other organizations. It was an amazing experience.

Due to COVID-19, I could only work for a short time of two months. Otherwise I might have gotten some more
experience. Despite this interruption, I would recommend this internship to other students because what they learn
from books is not enough. They will get real-life first-hand experience from doing this internship.

Finally, my supervisor or field instructor was very kind and always available whenever I needed him. In fact, I was
given two supervisors to provide guidance and help whenever I needed it.

Fahrenheit Ohri at his desk.