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Student Spotlights

Eric: Accounting

Eric Sosa had the awesome experience of being an accounting intern at PwC Accounting Firm. Read about his very worthwhile internship here!

What was your internship experience?

I performed various audit procedures (tie-out of financial statements, competency reviews of control owners, walkthrough documentation, fraud inquiries, income statement analytical procedures, etc.). I was able to experience various aspects of the audit and quarterly reviews. I was given the opportunity to work
on technology that could make the audit more efficient (tools like Alteryx, UiPath, and Tableau).

What was the most useful thing you learned during this internship?

I learned how to succeed in a corporate and professional environment. I learned how to handle my relationships with coworkers and supervisors and how to receive feedback and improve on a daily basis. Communication was key during my internship.

What skills did you refine during this experience?

I learned communication skills, time-management skills, and interpersonal skills. These were key for my success and will be necessary for my continued success throughout my career. I also gained more technical capabilities in my field that will be useful going forward. I had a large base of technical accounting skill that allowed me to focus on other aspects of the internship, like learning specific systems at PwC, instead of
worrying about basic concepts. Throughout my internship I was provided with real-time feedback and I had clear moments where I was able to take that feedback and reflect on ways that I could improve. I had a drive to be the best intern possible and took every opportunity to improve. So after my first formal feedback was given to me, I took the aspects to heart I really needed to work on and sought ways to improve.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely, I had a wonderful experience and learned a lot. I highly recommend all accounting students try to intern with a Big 4 accounting firm, and I highly endorse PwC.

Eric Soza (1).JPG
Eric Soza pictured on the right, standing with other interns at PwC Accounting Firm.
Eric Soza (2).JPG
Eric Soza smiling.