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Student Spotlights

Emily Lehman : Exercise Science

Emily completed an internship with the Huntsman World Series Games as a student health screener. Here is what she had to say about this experience:

How did your internship align with your initial experience?

We went down to screen participants at the huntsman world senior games. We were able to screen hundreds of participants and encourage them to continue living healthy lifestyles.

What day-to-day tasks were part of this experience?

I showed up to the event center and set up the different screening stations. I would run through different health scrounging tests for various forms of physical fitness for the senior games participants. I also completed data entry after the tests were done so that the senior games could collect averages for their studies, and I cleaned the stations at the end of the day.

Was this experience a confirmation that you are going in the right direction, or is it a pivot to something else?

Confirmation. I know that I like working with people and the opportunity at the huntsman world senior games helped confirm that, especially helping people medically.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Yes! It is great for anyone even interested in health science. There are many different tools and processes you get to try out, it is all paid for and food and housing are taken care of while in St George. A really great opportunity for young or undeclared students who are trying to see what they might be interested in.

BYU students and BYU professor Ron Hagar at the COBALT balance and concussion testing station.