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Student Spotlights

Emily: Exercise Science

Emily Lehman was part of the incredible team of interns at the Huntsman Senior Games in 2019. She, among many others, gained incredible skills during this experience.

What was your internship experience?

I interned at the Huntsman Senior Games down in St. George, Utah. The game participants can find out vital information about their health and life and we as students get medical experience. I think the most useful thing was meeting new people and being able to teach them information they might not already know. It was a great way for me to learn and get hands on experience in the medical field with athletes in the games.
I have taken lots of biology and life science classes so I had lots of background information and could answer most questions that were asked about health, anatomy, or people in general.

Emily Lehman
The station where interns tested balance and getting data for concussion research. From left to right: Emily Lehman (me) Dr. Ron Hager (One of the professors in charge) Amy Holt (fellow student intern)

Emily Lehman 2
The group of student volunteers from BYU, Dixie state, and UVU that participated in the medical screenings for the Huntsman World Senior Games.