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Student Spotlights

Elizabeth Hellewell: Public Health

Elizabeth completed an internship with United States Senator Mike Crapo as a Senate Intern during Summer 2021. Here is what Elizabeth has to say about her experience:

Working with both legislative and communications staff to understand policy was transformative in finding unexpected connections between government operations, public health, healthcare, and public policy. Networking and meeting with staffers on various Senate committees helped me to broaden by understanding of these issues.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I was not expecting to learn how much I love working with both constituents and stakeholders. Greetings, interacting with, and giving tours to constituents, diplomats, and lobbyists taught me how important professional behavior is and how crucial social interactions can be in furthering public policy.

How have your future plans changed?

I have always planned on attending Medical School after graduating Brigham Young University. My experience working in the Senate this summer has not changed these plans, but has added an element of both passion and interest: healthcare and public health policy. As I continue with my pre-medical preparations, I will seek to find the intersection between medicine and policy. I hope to use my Medical Degree in the future to further this passion and create impact through policy.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students. The professional experience in the Senate and the connections made on the Hill are invaluable. There is a healthy office environment where staffers are actively seeking to support and help you grow through providing experiences.

The Senate Russell Building Rotunda is one of the many locations within the Capitol Complex where interns enter through on a regular basis to escort guests and run errands.